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Nucleic Health Innovations Pvt Ltd offers an AI-powered Smart Health online platform to integrate the full spectrum of primary, secondary and home-based healthcare services along with centralized Command Centre to dispatch services. Nucleic Health Innovations Pvt Ltd offers a Smart Health online platform integrating the full spectrum of primary, secondary and home-based healthcare services managed by a centralized communication and command center to dispatch services. This platform is designed to be integrated with an AI-enabled devices and planned AI-enabled monitoring capabilities.


We offer you an array of best services at a reasonable rate.


We provide you a friendly and comfortable atmosphere

Advanced Technology

We use the latest equipments, technology catering to your requirements.

Quality Care

We ensuring you the best quality healthcare services.


We treat you with excellence at par with NABH standard.

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We are available for you 24 x 7, for meeting your needs.


Healthcare Commitments

Introducing the best scanner with latest technology, Siemens Magnetom Sempra 1.5Tesla 4G+DOT technology providing utmost care in friendly environment ensuring a positive imaging experience for every patient at an affordable rate. We deliver the best quality service with advanced technology, accuracy, speed with perfect diagnosis at the right time, 24*7 making you comfortable reducing rescan and anxiety. You will get a clear image of the body with high resolution. Nucleic provide late night and weekend appointment to accommodate patients. Take one step ahead and get better.

Jiji Mathew

CEO & Founder


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“Excellent image quality with affordable cost.”

Dr. Anu George

“My experience was amazing. They were understanding about my nervousness and took great care of me.”

Tresa Simon

“Excellent image clarity with expert radiology reportinge”

Dr. Sesh S

“Great experience! Very friendly, professional, and helpful in doing MRI on a timely. Highly recommend Nucleic scans”

Mohammed Anas

“Astounding images with excellent Ambience and patient safety”

Dr. Ajai Thomas

Our Services


MRI Scanning

MRI scanning is a painless and safe procedure that produce detailed images of the inside of the body. MRI images and resolution are quite detailed, it can detect tiny changes of structures within the body.


DEXA Scanning

A quick and painless safe procedure producing bone density levels. Osteoporosis and Osteopenia can be easily detected by DEXA and you can analyse whole body fat too.


Whole Body Screening

Cancer Screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. The Screening test can help to find cancer at early stage.Screening test are done when you have no cancer Symbols.


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