Transforming lives with holistic virtual care

The best of health care is now at the tip of your fingers as Nucleic connects you with top healthcare professionals for all your medical needs. Powered by advanced technology, we are driven to provide a full spectrum of care to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We are here to create a healthier future and we do so by streamlining the access to an extensive network of medical health caregivers and clinical facilities.

We are changing the way Indians receive healthcare by bringing together a wide range of services with a smart App. Be it an emergency, complex health issues, ongoing consultation, or regular check-ups.

Intelligent Telemedicine

Our telemedicine services have great benefits. Remote check-ups, timely access to top practitioners, primary and chronic illness management come right to you in the safety and comfort of your home.
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Imaging & Scanning

Now you can get all your reports done through our network, without having to physically leave your house. A service that is sure to change the way patients in India avail medical care and services.
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