e-Pharmacy Services


Our e-Pharmacy completes your medical health care cycle. After consultation, diagnosis and prescription, simply upload your prescriptions on our app and get your medicines delivered at home within a short period. Our extensive network of pharmacists ensures you get your medicines delivered wherever you are.

Get your prescribed medicines delivered at home with our e-Pharmacy services

When you have the option of consulting your doctor at home, why should you move out to purchase your prescribed medicines? Utilize our e-Pharmacy services and get them delivered to your home, wherever you are.

Our registered pharmacists have a vast network with whom you can get in touch through our app. Simply choose our e-Pharmacy services, and they will deliver the medicine to you within a stipulated period and at the best rates ever.

Our services have been designed for your convenience and we ensure that all your healthcare needs are fulfilled without you having to move out of the comfort of your home.

Our e-Pharmacy services are especially helpful for those who are suffering from chronic conditions, live in remote areas, or don’t have the support system to go out and get medicines. With a vast network that penetrates deep inside the remotest areas, Nucleic makes it possible for you to take care of your health from anywhere.

Register or log in to our app to utilize our e-Pharmacy services. Your health is not just your priority, but ours too.