Electronic Health Reports


With Nucleic, you can not only use different medical services on your phone, but we also make reports and diagnoses accessible through our app. In regular medical procedures, hospitals and health clinics rarely provide all our reports. But availing of our services makes it possible. So, if you wish to take a second opinion, you have your complete diagnosis at your fingertip.

Have access to all your medical reports with Nucleic

One of the biggest challenges that patients face is access to all their health reports, keeping the patients in a state of uncertainty. But Nucleic’s Electronic Reports service is here to change the game completely.

We have designed a system where you gain access to all your health reports electronically. Just like all your prescriptions and diagnosis reports are uploaded on our app, you will also be able to access all your reports with just a click.

We understand the importance of genuine information about your diagnosis. That is why we have created this unique service that makes it possible for you to gain access to all your health reports anytime and share it with the doctors whenever you may have the need.

The process is simple, you can see all your reports in your account on the app.

So, make an informed decision with Nucleic’s Electronic Reports service. With us, you will never have to worry about your health.