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Nucleic Health Innovations is a Tech Health company Incorporated under the provisions of the companies act in 2017, achieved its NABH, NSIC, and Start-Up accreditation during this period, steadfastly moving forward using HPC in AI/ML at large. 

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Nucleic Health Innovations is building an ABDM Compliant, NABH, NSIC, accredited hybrid health platform for individuals and institutions to integrate care practice to end users at an affordable cost. The platform would facilitate convenient access from the comfort and safety of home or office through a network of providers covering multiple specialities such as Geriatric, Diabetology, Mental health, Chronic Cardiology, Oncology, Dermatology, and post-operative care through an automated system of virtual and physical consultation, diagnostic laboratory, Imaging, and rehabilitation services. Additionally, the platform would be able to integrate remote home monitoring capability utilising various wearable biosensors, and IoT devices, which lead to creating a digital health twin for every citizen. The blend of services aims to be a one-stop solution for primary, secondary, and home-based care with technology innovation for scalability.


To provide accessible National and International quality care to people wherever they are by leveraging the latest technology and medical experts with the helm of men and machines in an AI enabled ubiquitous model from home to hospital at Zero distance for personalized care to improve health and well-being.


To create a revolutionary scalable AI/ML platform that empowers patients and healthcare providers to connect, communicate and collaborate in a seamless integration and efficient way of breaking traditional barriers of healthcare services regardless of time, location, or socioeconomic status.

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